Bedugul ( DailyTour )

Bedugul ( DailyTour )

Taman Ayun Temple

Taman ayun temple mengwi bali Taman Ayun, the Water Temple at Mengwi, is very attractive, peaceful place. Built on rising grass slopes and partly surrounded by a wide moat, it is spacious and almost trim in a way that is very characteristic of Balinese temples. As if to establish this garden-like quality, there is a pool with fountain in it on the left as you enter the first compound. Meru, multi roofed shrines are an interesting scenery located in inner court of this temple. Taman Ayun temple is located in Mengwi District belong to Badung regency, was built around 18 century, one of heritage from Mengwi Kingdom.

Ulun Danu Temple

At Bedugul on the edge of the lake stands the temple of Ulun Danu, set in delightful garden. Temple buildings occupy two minutes offshore islets, and these, with their three and eleven tier meru, are hardly surprisingly, much photographed. The Ulun Danu Temple is dedicated to the spirits that control the irrigation system that derive their waters from the lake; there are also Buddhist and Islamic temples close by.

Tanah Lot Temple

This celebrated but overrated site consists of a small temple perched on a rocky islet some one hundred meters out from the coast. Except at high tide you can walk across over the rock, but you will not be allowed up into the temple. It is locked except at festival times. But most people have little desire to go there; what they want to do is photograph it from the shore, preferably against the backdrop of a sunset.