Kintamani Vulcano ( DailyTour )

Kintamani Vulcano ( DailyTour )

Barong & Kris Dance

Barong and Kris performance. This dance drama portrays the eternal struggle between good and evil in our life. Barong is symbol of good and Rangda for bad one.
The dance lasts approximately 1 hour and will be ending when a group of men run amok attempting to stab themselves with long small knives called Keris, only to be rescued from their frenzied trance by a local priest with sprinkling them a holy water.

Batik Bali Weaving

Bali batik home industry Batik is a wax-resist dyeing used on textile and considered as national art in Indonesia. Batik has been both an art and a craft for centuries. In Bali, batik is part of an ancient tradition from Java, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made in Bali. Contemporary batik, while owing much to the past, is markedly different from the more traditional and formal styles. For example, the artist may use etching, discharge dyeing, stencils, different tools for waxing and dyeing, wax recipes with different resist values and work with silk, cotton, wool, leather, paper or even wood and ceramics

Visit at batuan village (painting galery )

painting of bali have axperienced remarkable evolution.traditionally another means of expresing religious and mythologycal ideas ,painting of bali have been subjected to a number of influences ,including deep intractionwith western painters who came and lived in bali.
as with any other artistic expression found the island ,these influences have been uniquely adapted into bali"s personality ,creating new nuances and styles of painting that are distinctly balinese.


Rice terrace which irrigation system under control Subak. The Subak is an independent organization aimed to ensure that the distribution of water is made equitably. No farm must be given more or less than their fair share. The equal distribution of water is not done through modern equipment but can be arranged because of the spirit of solidarity and a high level of tolerance and mutual responsibility, despite there being only very simple means to share out the water. The spirit of cooperation (gotong royong) is clearly done in this traditional irrigation system.


The mountain area is most dramatically first seen if you arrive at Kintamani. What you are actually looking at is a vast caldera, 11 km (6 7/8 miles) across, the hollowed-out remains of a gigantic volcano that in prehistoric times exploded, blowing away its entire cone and leaving only the bony, saucer-shaped rim on which you’re sitting for having buffet lunch. Mount Batur, whose broken crest rise 1,717 m (5,633 ft) above sea level, is central to the view. It slopes is scarred with lava-flows and all around is a scene of lonely splendor and desolation. To your right lies Batur Lake, 492 m (160 ft) below you.

Luwak Coffee

We will make a short visit to agro-tourism where we can observe about tropical plantation e.g.: coffee, banana, jack fruit, star fruit, snake fruit as well as others tropical spices. Hundreds of plants comprising the fruits turning extinct embellish the area so that they are capable of creating fresh air, harmoniously chic ambience and free from pollution. Here we can also see about Bali traditional coffee making process and test it taste while enjoy beautiful green valley. Bali coffee and other nature product are available for bring home as souvenir.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta emplul temple Tirta Empul Temple located at country side, around 36 km from Denpasar, Bali.Tirta Empul Temple and fountain complex is one of many ancient and interesting sites that flourished during the reign of several of Bali’s king and still today it is an important temple to Hindu worshippers. The holy spring in the temples inner courtyard is said to have magical curative powers. Nearby bathing pools have cool clear water pouring from mossy spouts. The Temple grounds were recently opened for tourists interested in bathing in the spring water.