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Pg Norlizawati & Izwanasri  2016-10-22 08:21:25

We had the best of times and great moments in our life here in Bali (eventhough its our first time). Had met the coolest tour guide, friendly and talkative dude & a newfound friend Nick Wahyu. He showed us around and told us the history behind all those magnificent places. Hope to see Bali again in the future. Coz seriously Bali had caught my heart. Thank you so much Nick Salaam Ukhuwah from both of us (Brunei Darussalam)

Kusnan   2016-10-22 08:21:16

This was my first time in bali, my family and I have a great trip We have an excellent experience in bali although we have cover 50% out of bali we still need more trips in future. I appreciate and thank you to our excellent tour guide Nick Wahyu. I hope that I could go Bali again in future.

Bhaskar  2014-08-27 05:52:48

Our group had an amazing time in Bali. Thanks a lot to Nick Wahyu. A friendly guy whom you can count on. He understood our requirements and took us to all the right places. Bang upto the night clubs and a McD that was open at 4 AM (for our after party hunger pangs). I now have a new friend in Bali whom I will definitely call upon every time I visit. Cheers to the Good Times, Bro! :)

Nick Wahyu  2014-07-21 13:44:40

Thanks,Saran ,...hoped can see you again on Next trip,. you are my Man.. say hay to your family,. regard from Bali.

Saran  2014-07-19 13:05:22

Nick, My man. Happy Ramadan buddy. I engaged Nick for 2 days of my Bali travel. We covered a lot in north of Bali. Nick was very accomodative to my requests and needs. My next visit, i had planned to bring more people and you know what? Nick will be my tour guide. Nick is true to his profession and respects our decision and itenerary. Yes like andy said, he operates in real time. He brought me for shopping and exotic eateries and you know you will have a sense of security when you travel with Nick.

Nick Wahyu   2014-07-02 09:23:15

Thanks bang Khairul & Andy Mclure for testimonial,. You are all best my man,. GBU ;)

Andy  2014-07-02 09:17:21

I am a regular traveller to Bali and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Nick through a friend of mine. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He operates in real time, not "Bali time" . Has an expansive knowledge of Bali and mobile phones and will set you up with local SIM card before he leaves you, meaning you are never without contact with those who love and care for you.. Proud to see the website he has created and hope it is hugely successful...

Khairul Irfan  2014-07-02 09:16:51

Went to bali for the second time. My friend have known faris through facebook and met him at Kuta Square to gather more info about the tour services they provide. Met Nick Wahyu through Faris, both of them show good hospitality and gave us the warmest welcome throughout our vacation in bali. Showed us the beautiful side of the amazing island, bringing us to places with good food, entertain us with stories and ensuring our comfort there is to our satisfication. I will be going back to bali soon to meet you guys. Thanks for the fun journey. Meet you guys soon and a million thanks for bringing us around the beautiful island. :)

Nick Wahyu  2014-06-28 07:18:59

thanks my bro ,. Brett & Bahrain for testimony ,. U are great man ,. Cheerrrsss ;)

Bahrin shah  2014-06-28 07:13:37

So far its my first time i carter them but none of them fail me. Was a superb and awesome trip tho.. And whoever have doubts of choosing them as your tour guide I would say no they have a services that you guys wouldnt imagine. Cheers to faris and nick wahyu.

Brett   2014-06-28 07:13:18

Iā€™m a regular Bali traveler and use Nick every time, he has great knowledge of Bali and whether you want a scenic drive or to do activities he is the man. He also knows where to take you for your souvenirs or gifts and is a really good driver. Airport transfers and setting up your phone with a local SIM card would be impossible without Nick Wahyu, thanks again.

Kwang  2014-06-24 12:35:58

First time in bali, recommended by a friend. Nick was really friendly and forthcoming; knows alot about the place and gave us plenty of recommendations. Would definitely return!

Diana  2014-06-24 08:50:35

BALI, a place where I want to visit every year. Friendly people, good food & activities. Most importantly a thumbs up to our tour guide, Nick Wahyu, great service šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘

nick Wahyu  2014-06-24 06:26:43

Thanks Bang abd rahim,....GBU,.. see u next trip again :)

Abd Rahim  2014-06-24 05:59:32

My kids really love the place so much...Be it the tour...water sport and the best is surfing...My guide Nick Wahyu really take care of us during our stay in Bali...Will return to Bali...For Sure

Den mas  2014-06-24 05:04:46

best service n always safety drive,.. thanks body ,.. see u next year,.. cheersss..